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  • Drinking Water

    Is this going to be a rare commodity?

  • Deforestation

    Will the picturesque green mountains remain within the precinct of greeting cards ?

  • Plastic Waste

    Is this a common sight for you?

    Another volcano in the making.

  • Bio Diversity

    Will the mangroves be confined to our memories ?

  • Endangered Species

    The once-common chirpy house sparrows are harder to find today.

    Is this a wake-up call for us ?

  • Energy Conservation

    Save energy, save life,

    lets make world a better place

Study to Identify & Document
Good Environment-friendly Practices in Gujarat

Let us be the change

It’s all around us. It may have different forms and names- air, water or soil pollution, deforestation, desertification or solid-waste. The signs of environment degradation are all around us, but most of us casually ignore them or pray for a miracle to solve them.

In general, you will find 4 types of people around you (including yourself) – the first ones are those who do not really know what is happening around; they are happy with the “ignorance is bliss” tag, the second ones adopt the “who cares” attitude and prefer not to do anything, the third category is of  those who can’t stay indifferent and will always say “let’s try” but do not really know where to begin from while the fourth ones are those who prefer “let’s just do it” and are doing something for a better tomorrow.

If you belong to “ignorance is bliss” or “who cares” category, kindly wake up and sense your responsibility. And if you belong to the other two please join us in our initiative called GEPG (Study to Identify & Document “Good Environment-friendly Practices in Gujarat”). So if you are undertaking any such initiative that has proven capacity of creating a positive impact on the quality of environment or you know of anyone who is, then bring it to our notice and we will make sure that whole of the Gujarat knows about it soon!